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Libertyville, IL 60048

This poor fellow is going to
be left at a
dog kennel this year!


This lucky dog is going to stay home
in the loving care of Camp Lucky Dog - a
dog kennel-LESS boarding experience!

Here's what we offer:

Complete convenience for your family - we come to you!
No cages or runs - you have full run of your home and securely fenced yard. (Whatever Mom and Day say is OK!)
You can make friends and have fun with fellow campers on our Lake County Romps for swimming, butterfly chasing, tree peeing, running, jumping, fetching and other fun doggie activities.
Overnight visits for "snuggle bunny" campers!
Limited registration in our program of a just a small number of dogs at a time ensures that you receive the very best care.
Daily brushing and dog massage sessions.
Gourmet treats and snacks (if your Mom and Dad say it's OK)
Daily 'dog movie' with snacks!

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Finally.... A vacation service just for dogs!

Puppies Welcome Too!!!

It happens every year... your family goes away on vacation and leaves you home alone - or at one of those boring places where they keep you in a cage ( a dog kennel - OH NO ). Sure, there's someone to take care of feeding and cleaning up after you, but you're oh-so-lonely, and time goes by so slowly when there's nothing to do but miss your family!  What you need is vacation of your own.  A vacation, a dog vacation, where you can meet new puppy pals, jump around, run, sing campfire songs, roast marshmallows, go for a dip in the lake, right?

Introducing Camp Lucky Dog - your surrogate family when the folks are away. Pampering pooches is our passion! We fill your days with fun and affection, while we take great care of you for a few days or weeks. You'll make new friends, learn new tricks, enjoy new experiences, and have the time of your life - all in the safety, comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home! We accept only a small group of canine campers into our program at a time, so you are given plenty of personal care and attention.  Most importantly - we are a dog kennel - LESS boarding facility, meaning, NO CAGES!!!  You're part of the Camp Lucky Dog family immediately!




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